A huge milestone

One reason I’ve started this blog is because I can’t remember from one puppy to the next when they got over the worst of their puppyish behaviors. But last night something wonderful happened: Brando slept quietly from 10 p.m. to 5:55 a.m.

Will this continue? I’ll report it here first!

On other fronts, he has peed in the house 6 times since we got him. He has not yet pooped in the house, and we fervently hope he never will (though if he doesn’t, that will be a first in all our dog-raising experience.)

One thing for sure: he already understands the CCI “Hurry” command (which applies to both urination and defecation.) He pees every time we take him outside and tell him to hurry.

But among the budding bad habits: he LOVES digging.

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