Brando is a champion sleeper! We LOVE this. Last night was the fourth straight night he’s gone all the way through without awakening us. I’m convinced he has accepted this as the pattern of our Pack, and his bladder capacity is sufficient that he doesn’t need to go out at 2 a.m. to pee (as
Yuli did until she was at least 6 months old.) But he’s a sleepy guy in general. Although he wakes up and explores the yard at times (when we’re out there watching him in it), and he spends some time wrestling with Yuli, he naps away great chunks of the day. Taking care of him feels easy.
Meanwhile, on the House-Breaking front, he had an accident on Thursday. And we discovered a little pile of puppy poop in a corner of the living room that appeared to have been deposited there a day or so before our discovery. So the score is now: Peeing in the House: 7 times. Pooping inside: 1. Still he had no accidents Friday or Saturday or today (so far). And he certainly understands the command to urinate.
We’ve been putting his Halti on every time we feed him, to accustom him to associate wearing the Halti with Good Things (he now LOVES to eat, having entirely recovered from his early pickiness.) But we haven’t yet tried to attach the Halti to a leash. We need to start that soon.

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