Brando and I went out for our first walk yesterday, all the way around the block. After some initial wrenching and twisting on the Halti, he settled down and trotted along with me briskly (with only intermittent break-downs in which he tried to claw the strap off his nose.)

Steve and I also took him along to a party Saturday night, where he romped ecstatically in the lush grass, then settled down beautifully (only interrupting us with his puppy snores.)
He’ll be 11 weeks old tomorrow, and we’ve had him for three weeks as of today. I’ve given up counting the peeing accidents in the house, but suffice it to say they continue. (No more pooping accidents, beyond that one.) The unauthorized pees are confounding. He has enough capacity to abstain for 8-9 hours every night (in his kennel). And he’s great about “hurrying” whenever we order him to do so. But on Monday, he peed a LOT three times within an hour — twice in the dining room. We speculate that the explanation may be two-fold: lots of drinking that afternoon and vigorous play with Yuli, exciting his bladder [?] Sadly, he won’t have much more of the latter, as she moves on to Advanced Training on Saturday.

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