This is the calmest 12-week-old puppy I’ve ever had. So often, he’s content to just lie near us, wakeful yet at rest. He’s so much less destructive than Yuli was at this age. He likes to chew on the occasional twig or rock, but he’s not destroying the irrigation or actively attacking plants.

I think he’s learned to control himself around Tucker, whom he worships. Tuck’s still uneasy about some of Brando’s puppy moves, but he seems to be relaxing a bit around him. I’m hopeful they will eventually become pals.

And on the house-training front, I think we’re there. No accidents in more than a week. This pup understands that he needs to go outside to pee and poop (though in this hot weather, we haven’t put that to the test of requiring him to ask us to open the door).

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