For the first time since we started raising CCI puppies, we’ve heard from the folks who took care of the litter from which Darby came — Irina Green and Rick Spicer, who live about 40 east of Sacramento. They raised Ina, Darby’s mother, and when CCI selected her to become a breeder, they asked to be her breeder-caretakers. Isn’t she gorgeous?

She’s three-quarters golden retriever and one-quarter yellow labrador. Irina reports that this was her first litter, and it included 6 puppies: two yellow girls, two black girls, and two black boys. “Darby was number 5. They all were born big and grew fast, I understand that you were surprised that Darby was so big, but the biggest boy (by the way, the one born last) was 18 lb at 7.5 weeks and the smallest girl was 14 lb.”
Irina says Ina is something of a character, bringing Rick’s slippers to him every morning and “talking” with a slipper in her mouth; kicking his knee to remind him when it’s dinner time. I also loved hearing from Rick that Darby was one of the most cuddly pups in her litter.  He says she “used to sit in the middle of the pen and wait for someone to walk by.  When they did, she’d start wagging that little tail of hers and give the person “The Look”.  As soon as the person would make eye contact, she’d jump up and run over to the x-pen wall and ask for some loving!!!  When you’d pick her up, most of the time she’d just snuggle in on your shoulder, up against your chin and neck.”
Steve and I already appreciate that sweetness in her.  Even Tucker seems to like her more than any other puppy we’ve seen him interact with! 

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