Yesterday was a landmark.  Our first day with not one single accident in the house.  Exactly one week after Darby’s arrival here.

I’m not exactly sure who’s training whom. Steve and I have certainly tuned up our ability to read puppy body language — and to make multiple trips with Darby out to the backyard.  (Puppies can’t have accidents if their bladders are empty.)  And we’re not home free yet.  This morning started out with a little deposit in the living room.
But Darby clearly understands what we mean when we take her out and tell her to Hurry. As long as she’s got anything at all to excrete, she’ll urinate (at least).  She loves to drink water (and even loves to splash it out of the water bowl.)  Yesterday, in the summery temperatures we’re enjoying, she also was introduced to ice, which she loved.

Her mouth is dripping with the ice, held between her paws.

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