Bad News and Good News

The bad news is that after finishing up three weeks on antibiotics (Clavamox), Darby produced urine yesterday that apparently was filled with white blood cells.  I still have yet to talk to my vet (who was on vacation earlier in the week), but I did hear from Stu at CCI (who’s also traveling) that one of Darby’s littermates is having similar problems.  In a panic, I called the veterinarian at CCI headquarters, who said if Darby is having no clinical symptoms, the urinalysis results might only mean that she has a mild case of vaginitis.  She counseled waiting and seeing how she does.

The good news is that she’s acting like a happy, healthy puppy.  We’re taking care of another dog at the moment, Eva, while her pack gets away for the weekend.  Eva loves to wrestle, and Darby loves to wrestle with her.  Here’s some of the action from this morning:

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