Here’s the CCI Southwest Regional Puppy Precision Drill Team performing at Balboa Barks yesterday, and there’s Darby in the stroller at the back. So she’s not exactly performing.  But at least she got to participate, thanks to Patty Urie, the drill team founder and organizer and owner of the puppy stroller, which she very generously has loaned to us.
We otherwise would not have been able to participate, as Darby is only 13 weeks old — far too young, by CCI standards, to go out to so busy and dog-dense an event.  (CCI says that the pups’ immunity isn’t fully developed until they have finished all their initial shots, between 4 and 5 months of age. And the stimulation and intensity of large public events are considered to be unsuitable for the wee ones.)
But in the stroller, Darby was protected from most of the excitement.  I learned that she was even capable of sitting and staying nicely when I put the stroller top down.  This made it seem more like she was drilling with the team.  Darby says, however, that she’s looking forward to the day when she can participate like a big girl. 

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