Today Darby is four months old, and to celebrate, she’s moved into a big-girl collar — hot pink because that was the color of the yarn placed around her neck shortly after she was born. I recently learned from the March CCI Southwest Regional newsletter that the colors always correspond to the pups’ birth order.  In Darby’s case, she was the fifth born (and the #5 pups are always hot pink).  In our hearts, though, she’s #1  (or at at least our #1 household pup.  Mr. Tucker is #1 resident dog!)

Although we don’t have any exciting activities planned to celebrate this little milestone, Darby enjoyed an exciting weekend as the guest of Susan Miller and Frank Novick. (Steve and I were up in Los Angeles attending the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. It’s not a very doggy event!)  With Susan and Frank, Darby even ventured to a movie matinee.  Reportedly, she behaved like a little angel.  Not bad for a 4-month-old pup!
Darby with friends Susan and Frank.

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