Brando News!

We got Brando’s second “professional training report” Friday, and we felt encouraged.  His trainer, Sarah, reported, “Brando has been making significant progress in his confidence level and overall demeanor during training. He has become more willing to work and has been staying engaged with his handler when learning a new command. While out in public, Brando is alert and somewhat cautious for unfamiliar noises or stimuli that may startle him. However, when he does become startled, he is able to maintain position and recover quickly. Overall, Brando continues to learn at a slower rate but is progressing quite nicely with his skill work. His confidence level is something we will continue to build upon throughout training.”

Will he remain in training long enough for us to get a third report (one month from now?)  No previous pup of ours has ever made it that far.

Stay tuned.

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