Puppy play

Puppy play
Today Darby had the best day of her young (almost 6-month-old) life so far´╗┐, thanks to puppy-raiser Linda Dreyfuss and her daughter Shana, who hosted a puppy play party at their home.  Located just 15 minutes from our house, it’s the first CCI-related puppy play session we’ve been able to attend.  The morning was glorious, and a happy pack of pups turned out, racing around the yard at 60 mph and burning about 2000 calories per minute. Darby looked ecstatic to be in the midst of the action.
Fun activities included towering over 9-week-old Horizon (who still has those sharp baby teeth!)
A piece of an antler also won Darby’s heart (at least that’s what Linda said it was.  She says they don’t splinter.)  Darby found it particularly fun to try to keep it away from the rest of the pack.
By noon, she was a tired but very, very, very happy girl.

A happy note

This past week, we received a happy piece of mail.  It was a note, signed by Brando!

“Dear Family,” it began. “Hello from CCI! The other day we had group pictures taken. As you can see, we are all very well behaved. The food is good, the training is a lot of fun, but playtime is my very favorite activity. Well, Sarah and I are off to the training room now! Hope you are doing well! Puppy kisses.”

If all continues to go well, we should get another report this coming Friday.  We’ll pass it on!