Months ago, I thought Darby might turn out to be a swimmer.  Her digging in her water bowl made me think this.  But instead of extending that enthusiasm for water to the pool, she instead morphed it into a daily attack on her water bowl — first the digging and then a wild flipping of the bowl and chasing of it around the patio. This has looked something like this:

This has brought only pleasure to Darby, who also taught herself how to drink from the doggy hose big.  But poor Mr. Tucker has never felt comfortable drinking from it, so every day after she attacks the bowl, he has to drink from the pool. (Until we remember to fill the bowl again.)

Still, she has shown no interest in REAL swimming, even at the big 4th of July  party in Coronado, where there was some wild canine pool action.  And then all of a sudden today, she started digging at the water from the top step of the pool. Steve called me and I saw her make a decision: to launch herself into the water.  This is what we saw then:

She cruised around for a while and seemed to be trying to get the hang of making turns.  After a while, she got out.  But hours later, we heard a splash and there she was again.

It’s been 30 years since we had a swimming dog.

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