Miss Darby loves balls.  Maybe not as much as the most ball-obsessed retrievers I’ve ever heard of. But still — a LOT.  So it was a wonderful challenge to take her on the outing to the Pelly’s miniature golf course (just across from the Del Mar Racetrack) organized by CCI puppy master and Mentor Supreme LeAnn Buchanan.
Darby with LeAnn
Around a dozen past and present puppy raisers and several pups were in attendance. I wound up in one of the groups playing on the surf-themed course, and it was lovely to be able to hand Darby over to other experienced hands every time it was my turn to play. By the end, I was even able to order her to stay while I putted my ball into the hole (all too often after 5 or 6 strokes).

As for Darby, she managed to deposit a truly gargantuan pile of puppy poop just off the 11th hole. But that was easily cleaned up (by me).  And to her credit, she never once disgraced herself in the presence of all those tempting little balls.

This is as close as she got to an attack.

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