Miss Darby turned 13 months old on Saturday… and she STILL hasn’t had her first heat. Her girl parts look a tad swollen, but that’s the only clue any physiological changes might be occurring.


We’ve been a little puzzled and we communicated that to Rick Spicer, who along with his wife Irina, raised Darby’s mother. They’re now her breeder/ caretakers.  Rick did some research and reported back that Darby’s eldest sister Dreya “had her heat cycle in mid-January.” Second-born Dovela had hers in late December, while Dazzle (#3) and Darby (#5) are still “awaiting their passage into womanhood.”
Rick also compared notes with another puppy raiser who has raised a female sired by Paxton (Darby’s dad), and “in our discussing other female Paxton pups that we know of, apparently most of Paxton’s girls have a tendancy to run a little later with their first heat cycles than ‘average.'”
Who knew?  (I guess we do now!)

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