Steve and I think Dionne is one of the more charming dogs we’ve raised. Tucker is learning that too.

He’s a tolerant and courteous fellow, but he’s learned over the years that these pipsqueaks (whom we, bafflingly, continue to import into the household) range from merely annoying (ambushing him; grabbing all the attention) to downright dangerous (sinking their needle teeth into various parts of his anatomy in their demented idea of “play”). He’s learned to issue warning growls, but he would never come close to hurting a puppy. Mostly, he just tries to stay out of their way.

Dionne seems to worship him, though, and she’s been making further inroads into his turf than most. I think it’s partly because she’s a bit more restrained than most. She’ll approach him gently at times (rather than tackling him any time he’s in range). She even manages to insinuate herself into his bed. As recorded here:

Oh, please, he thinks. 

Puppy heaven.  (Tucker Purgatory.) 

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