I went to Petco today to buy presents for Tucker and Dionne. (I know that’s gross, what with world hunger and all. But we try to be restrained. No doggy jewelry, such as I saw in the store today. Just a few pig ears for Tucker to chew on and baby toys for D.)

While there, I called Steve to make sure he wanted me to buy more de-smellifying solution — the stuff you squirt on the rugs and floor to extinguish any trace of excretory smells that might inspire further transgression. We still have part of a quart bottle of the “Nature’s Miracle” we bought when we were training Darby. Dionne has been doing spectacularly. Yesterday Steve noticed her heading to his office from the kitchen, where we all were hanging out. She went to the door and he rushed to open it for her, then tailed her as she trotted briskly to the lower yard. She peed under the fig tree, then again under one of the pittosporums. Then she went to the pear tree and pooped.

Clearly, she knows what she’s supposed to do. I predict she won’t have many more accidents.

But Steve thinks it would anger the Housebreaking Gods, were we to assume our puppy was mostly trained after only 16 days. He’s not one to spend money frivolously, but he ordered me to buy a gallon (though he agreed that the Petco Stain and Odor Remover for $17 was probably close enough to the Nature’s Miracle ($28)).

I think all we need is for her kidneys to grow bigger so that she has a bit of reserve capacity.  But if I’m wrong, we’re all set.

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