Reasons to take your 11-week-old puppy to a party:
— What else can you do with him or her?
— When they make their appearance, your fellow guests will be dazzled by their furry cuteness.

The problem, as we were reminded last night, is that an 11-week-old dog also can be a royal pain. When we arrived at Larry and Virginia’s last night, Steve controlled Dionne on her leash for a while. Some folks oohed and aahed. When the resident shih tzus realized what had been brought into their domicile, they were enraged. They tried to attack Dionne, barking furiously. Steve was able to swoop her up and keep her away from him.

By 7:15, people were making their way to the buffet table, and we stashed Dionne in the kennel that we had brought with us. But instead of curling up and sleeping, as she surely would have done at home, she howled and whimpered and barked,, imperious. She tried to bite the kennel bars.  All this was very annoying, and in an effort to shut her up, I took my plate and sat on the floor in front of her.

After a while she seemed to settle down and I sneaked off to a more comfortable chair. But she soon began barking again. Steve pulled up a chair in front of her kennel, and stayed nearby as he consumed his dinner.

Eventually, he and she rejoined the main group, and she more or less settled down for the rest of the evening.  But I can tell you this: I’m not looking forward to New Year’s Eve (where we’ll repeat the challenge at the home of another set of friends.)

Memo to self: avoid getting future puppies right before the heavy holiday party season.

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