Steve took Dionne in for her second round of immunizations today (she had the first up in northern California.) Although the vet’s office was a madhouse, and she was wildly distracted by all the other dogs, she handled the injections without a whimper, according to Steve. She’ll have two more sets of immunizations after this.

More confusing was the adamant assertion by one of the vet techs that the staples keeping her lower eyelids from turning inward would NOT come out by themselves (as we were told by CCI) but would have to be removed, the sooner the better.  Later this afternoon, I finally got in touch with Stu Wahrenbrock, the puppy program manager, who reiterated that the staples normally do fall out. But he said we could have them removed if we preferred. Steve then called back to make an appointment to do that and was told by the person who answered the phone… that they normally fall out, and we could wait and see if that happened.

Both of us would prefer to see them come out, one way of the other, me because it will make Dionne more beautiful and Steve because he’s afraid of their getting infected.  But neither of us think it makes any difference to her.  She was much more interested in the new pack member we brought home with us last night — our older son, Michael, here in SD for a Christmas visit.

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