Dionne had a thrilling day. She got to meet and play with Aunt Darby.

I didn’t get to witness this momentous event, but Steve did. Steve’s a good friend and professional associate of Joe Dunne, who along with his wife Kerri, adopted our last CCI puppy, Darby, when CCI decided she wasn’t cut out for a life in the service. So when Steve had to go to Joe’s today to discuss a business matter, he naturally took Dionne with him.

“They got along famously,” he reported when they returned, hours later. “Dionne finally met someone who thinks like her. The minute we arrived, Dionne went for Darby — jumped up and put her paws on Darby’s neck and head. The Puppy Attack. Darby wagged her tail and was totally down with that.”

Joe and Kerri have a fence around their lap pool, creating a space that’s perfect for two mischievous dogs. Safely confined within it, they wrestled. They ran each other around. At one point, Dionne started barking insistently, but Steve found it was only a challenge to play more. He heard no screams or snarls.

Darby, a passionate swimmer, took a water break from time to time, but Dionne
 apparently wasn’t tempted to follow suit. 

He says when they finally left, after several hours, he secured Dionne in the kennel in the back of the van, and as they pulled away from the Dunnes’ house, she cried.

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