The more experience I have with puppies, the more convinced I become that habits are a key to understanding life. I recorded recently how Dionne got up on my desk, snatched one of my pens, chewed it, and got ink all over my rug. 
By dint of lots of elbow grease and rug-cleaning chemicals, Steve has managed to expunge most of the ink stains. Tomorrow morning, our local carpet cleaners will arrive, and we’re hopeful they’ll improve things even more. But what we failed to anticipate is that Dionne almost immediately stole and chewed another pen.  And another.  And another. We’ve caught her getting up on Steve’s desk too, trying to steal pens. 
It’s become her new habit.  We know we have to respond by making it impossible for her to get to our desks and pens, unsupervised. But that will require us always to close our office doors (or to supervise every second that she’s in either office.) Both those things will require us to acquire new habits. 
It’s not clear who will win…

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