So here’s Steve, a few hours ago, cleaning up the deposit of (oh, NO!!!) puppy poop that he discovered in a far corner of the front room.

This shocked us. Dionne hasn’t done anything like that since before I started maintaining my Toileting Errors log back on January 12.

But we know what happened. Yesterday, I picked her up from the home of Linda Dreyfuss, who was puppy-sitting her while we were in San Francisco, and I forgot to ask when was the last time Dionne had pooped. My bad. Although she dutifully peed both at Linda’s and when we got home, the daily schedule of puppy poop production, usually never far from our minds, had slipped off our radar over the course of our brief time away. And obviously, she still hasn’t learned to command our attention when she needs to go out.

Otherwise, however, it was gratifying to hear Linda’s report on their time together. She exclaimed over and over about how much she enjoyed hosting Dionne, and she said Dionne didn’t emit a peep over the course of her day in the classroom yesterday (Linda’s a teacher who takes her CCI pups to school with her.) Although acknowledging Dionne’s occasional outbursts of wildness, Linda shrugged that off as normal. Balancing the insane intervals, apparently, were periods when our girl settled down, angelic, to watch Linda work in the kitchen.

That’s the kind of homecoming present we appreciate!

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