It was a busy weekend.  On Saturday, Dionne went to three grocery stores, Costco, a cookware store, and a nursery. Yesterday she attended an Oscar party. This morning she and Steve went on a foray to Fry’s.

So far, so good. I had one bad moment at Costco, when she seemed to be sniffing the floor with particular urgency. I had successfully directed her to pee in the parking lot, but I was afraid she might need to poop. But I finally decided the floor aromas simply were fascinating. (“The floor in Costco IS probably extraordinarily smelly,” Steve pointed out.)

He says she woofed, loudly, at the pleasant dog-loving Hmong man who was assisting him in Fry’s. And she tried to snatch a few things from the shelves there.

But mostly, she has stared at us (and our cache of treats) adoringly, sat when ordered to, and trotted along nicely beside the carts. Off to a good start.

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