I thought I was going to have such a nice little post for today. At last night’s puppy class, Dionne behaved well, despite the presence of two new little fluff balls that she obviously longed to romp with. It’s hard to believe she looked like them just a few weeks ago. Now, halfway through puppy kindergarten, she’s learned so much.

From the class, we drove to the yacht club to grab a couple of burgers, and once again, Dionne’s behavior was exemplary, considering that it was her first time out to a restaurant, and that she’s still less than five months old.

But things went downhill fast around 3:30 a.m., when she loudly threw up in her kennel. (This is our fourth vomiting adventure in the past 6 weeks. But who’s counting?)

This morning, when I tried to use my newly developing diagnostic skills on the vomit, I found it looked like dogfood — except that it was congealed into an almost solid mass. Poking at it with the turkey needles revealed that it was filled with tough, stringy, and obviously indigestible fibers.

I recognized those fibers — the stuffing from the little dog bed she’s been chewing on since we first introduced her to it.

I can be soft-hearted, but I try not to be soft-headed for too long. The bed is now in the trash.

Here’s the bed, in the dumpster.

And Dionne seems as energetic as ever. We withheld breakfast, but fed her her normal lunch, which she wolfed down. She’s on VERY tight restrictions, however, as we had a load of mulch delivered Sunday. We can only imagine what it would do to her delicate tummy, were she to start snacking on it. We don’t intend to find out.

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