Dionne’s charm offensive has continued steadily since I last wrote about it. 
Scenes like the one above are common (although it’s also common for her to run up to our bedroom and plop down right in the center of Tucker’s bed, hogging it.) 
Tucker doesn’t like that. But we’re intrigued to see how much he tolerates from her. He even plays with her routinely, which he didn’t do often with Darby or Yuli and NEVER tolerated from Brando.  Sometimes it’s quieter play, as demonstrated in the beginning of this video. But sometimes he even puts up with the neck-chewing and mock-fighting shenanigans that puppies all seem to adore.  You glimpse a bit at the end of this clip.

Steve is convinced that Tucker likes the girls better just because they’re girls. In fact, Steve has begun to wonder if the fact that Tucker put up with no nonsense of any sort from Brando contributed to Brando’s  later success in life.

I think there’s not enough data to draw that conclusion.  If Dionne graduates, that will prove his theory wrong.  Which would be just fine with all of us.

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