New babies have started showing up in our kindergarten puppy training (KPT) class; last night there were three of them:

Who may just be the fluffiest puppy I’ve ever seen…. 

…and Daris.


All of them are very young — in the 8-12-week range.  All are amazingly cute.

The opportunity to soak up their cuteness is the good thing about going to class with them.  The bad part is because they’re so young, they’re working on the most basic commands: “Let’s go,” “Sit,” “Down.” Dionne, on the other hand, has those down cold and is already refining “Wait,” “Speak,” “Shake,” “Here,” “Roll,” and more. 

Bob, our teacher, has been very sensitive about having each dog work at its level. But when class was over, he mentioned to us that if we want to start attending the Basic level classes, that would be fine with him. 

We think we’ll do that; that it will challenge both us and Dionne more. (Plus it starts at 6:45 p.m. instead of 5:30, giving us a better shot at missing the rush hour traffic and grabbing something to eat before class.) 

We’ll miss the adorableness.  But it will also give Dionne a tiny bit more time to look like she’s the little one in the room. 

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