The phone rang. It was Steve, who’s out grocery-shopping with Dionne.

“Dionne just pooped,” he announced.  My heart sank.  I had visions of this occurring in the produce aisle at Vons.

Small but tasty (assuming
that you like the taste of
ear wax.)

But no. “We’re in the parking lot,” he continued.

As I’ve mentioned before, puppy-raising can elevate one’s interest in canine defecation. But this seemed a new low. Then he continued. “You know your missing ear plug?  I found it.”

Steve’s a Luddite about phone technology, so he was unable to capture the moment. Suffice it to say that he reported the squishy, bright orange ear plug to be intact. I urged him NOT to return it to me.

On other fronts, life with Ella has calmed considerably. We’ve had more and more sweet moments like this:

With only 24 hours remaining in her company, I can imagine that time will fly.

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