Although the Swallows Parade was our big adventure of the weekend, we had an interesting experience on Friday afternoon, when Steve, Dionne, Tucker, and I joined some friends at the Bow Willow Campground out in the desert. Our goal was to check out the spring wildflowers (though we knew the sightings might be slim because there wasn’t much rain this year).

It’s good we were prepared. While we saw a few things, like this barrel cactus in bloom, the floral display was pretty sparse.

We only hiked for about 90 minutes, but Steve and I savored being there. It was hot, but not blistering (as it will be all too soon). Tucker seemed to enjoy himself too. We allowed him off leash, and he trotted along, wagging his tail and smiling.

When we gave her some water, she flopped down and
looked like she might refuse to get up.

Dionne, though, was another story. Although it wasn’t an oven, her coal-black coat soaked up the intense sunlight. The air was dry; the setting austere. Something about the experience must have struck her as creepy, because her ears were back and her tail was down.

She’d better hope she doesn’t graduate and get placed with someone living in Palm Springs.

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