Two of our (significantly older) classmates

Well…. not exactly running. Training.

We followed Bob’s suggestion and took Dionne to the Basic class last night — instead of Puppy Kindergarten. On the one hand, it felt very comfortable, as three of the four other handlers in the class are experienced puppy raisers whom we’ve known for years.

But their dogs are all so big! Most all were at least a year old.

Still, Dionne acquitted herself respectably. She executed a decent Heel (in which the dog returns to the handler’s left side when told to Heel). She Waited. She Shook. She Rolled with aplomb. “Under” was the only command we had not yet introduced her to (which was hardly disgraceful). When Bob told put all the dogs in a FIVE-MINUTE Down-Stay, Steve and I quailed. But Dionne only popped up once or twice toward the very end (when Jan’s adorable granddaughter practically danced right in front of Dionne.)

It was hard work. But she’s doing well.

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