Yesterday I was reflecting on Dionne’s seemingly unquenchable thirst for fun toys. One might wonder why we, as her puppy raisers, don’t simply supply her with safe and interesting ones.

We’ve had these Goughnuts for months, but they still look pristine. They are evidently too boring to chew.

The problem is that the choices are woefully limited. CCI decided a few years ago that too many pups were breaking teeth on the hard Galileo-brand bones that once were a staple in our house. I think pretty much all that still gets the CCI seal of approval are the very expensive Goughnuts which all our dogs find inexpressibly BOR-ing! Kongs still are acceptable (to both the CCI bureaucrats and our canines — but the latter only really like them when they’ve been loaded with peanut butter or cream cheese, and there are limits to how much of that it’s wise to dole out.) Rope toys may be okay too. But the ones we’ve bought from Petco don’t get much play.

Every few months, I have a breakdown. Overwhelmed with desire to supply our puppy with some really fun toys, I run into Petco or Target and buy something. I bring it home and then I remember why this isn’t a great idea. It happened again Saturday, when I purchased an awesome screaming-red chicken that also delivered ear-piercing shrieks when squeezed and only cost $4.99. Dionne went wild at the sight of it. Tucker was leaping in the air with excitement. This went on for maybe 15 minutes, and then Insane Chicken went silent when one of his feet was ripped off.

Saturday was also the day Dionne and I went to the EmBARKadero festival, and there I bought a couple of pretty chew/pull toys that are made by some of the puppy-raisers themselves. They assured me that they tend to be long-lasting. They only cost $5. So I bought two.

Dionne seems mildly interested. And in the three days since we’ve had them, no one has yet ripped them to shreds. Dionne and Tucker have even played with them together. A bit.

But they’ve also been pretty distracted by Insane Crippled Chicken. They still love him best.

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