A question of intelligence

I saw Dionne do something yesterday that struck me as being extraordinarily intelligent. I had taken her and Tucker out to toilet shortly after 6 a.m., and both of them had defecated (in different parts of the lower yard.) Dionne is still in the grips of a terrible addiction to eating Tucker’s fecal products. She never goes after her own, and isn’t much interested in droppings left but unknown dogs out in the street. But she would race over and gobble up anything from Tucker — were we not to keep her on a tight leash.

I did have her leashed, and after the toilet break, I took both dogs in the house and fed them their breakfast. While they were eating, I went back out and cleaned up everything from the lower yard.

An hour or so later, I let both dogs out, off leash, for a drink.  Dionne lapped up some water, but then she raced for the lower yard. I could literally see her remembering that there was Tucker Poop out there (or so she thought).  She raced to the exactly spots where I had cleaned up an hour or so earlier, sniffed around for quite a while, and then came away, disappointed.

But I was impressed. Clearly, she has an excellent memory — at least for things that interest her.

I was telling myself this may mean she’s really bright. And then I clicked on the following video, sent to me by a friend.

Very discouraging.  (Dionne is about 26 weeks old, whereas this creature is supposedly 22 weeks here.) Is it really a dog? Could it be a computer-graphics trick?

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