While Steve and I were up this weekend at the annual LA Times festival of books, Dionne got to go to Camp Connie (as we refer to the home of masterful puppy-sitter Connie Gonczy and her husband Steve).  A former puppy-raiser, Connie was introduced to us by our beloved puppy mentor, LeAnn Buchanan, way back when we began raising Tucker. To my amazement, I discovered that Connie and I attended the same Catholic girls high school back in Chicago; her younger sister Monique was a friend in my class. Since then, Connie has helped us with her sitting services for every single puppy we’ve raised.

Though Dionne’s stay was short, we know she had a good time. Partly we know this because Connie shared with us a wonderful photo of Dionne getting some exhilarating exercise on the second-floor deck of Connie’s house:

Connie also recommended a kind of ball that she said Dionne was willing to retrieve.

You can see one in her mouth.

We need to find some of those.

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