Steve and I haven’t gone out to any movies recently, as we’ve been busy with travel adventures, plus we’ve been seeing a movie at our friend Alberto’s house almost every Friday night. Last night, however, our social calendar was free, and the reviews for Mud sounded enticing. We decided it was time to introduce Miss Dionne to the cinema. 
As things turned out, it wasn’t our worst experience ever in a movie theater with a CCI puppy. When we were puppy-sitting for Murphy last fall and he vomited up a huge quantity of something smack in the middle of lobby (on our way in), that was worse. We also cringe when we remember the moment Yuli inched under Steve’s seat and stuck her (pitch-black) nose in the crotch of the unsuspecting woman behind us. “Is that your dog?!” she yelped, in horrified disbelief. 
Dionne didn’t do anything quite that bad. On the other hand, she did emit high-pitched whine/squeaks throughout at least the first hour of the film. I don’t think any of our other dogs has done that. The fact that the theater was packed made it particularly nerve-wracking. Whenever she made a noise, I alternated between quietly hissing, “Don’t!,” giving her pops with her Halti, petting her lavishly, and letting her chew on my fingers. 
But we’ve got a long, long way to go.  
At least the movie was good.  
Dionne says if we’d just bought her her own nice big bag of popcorn, she would have hunkered down with it and been a little angel.  But we didn’t, and she wasn’t.

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