I forgot to note last week that Dionne is now seven months old (May 6).

I spend so much time writing about her imperfections because they grab our attention and demand corrective action (and remind us of our own failings). But I should spend more time mentioning the things about her that are extraordinarily good. Such as:

— She’s the best puppy we’ve ever had when it comes to “hurrying.” She’ll pee any time, on any surface, whenever we request it.

— She walks on a leash better than any other pup we’ve had. She’s not flawless, but by and large she forges ahead less and pays more attention to us (certainly when we have a treat in hand).

— She’s awesome about staying. Held for six full minutes last week in puppy class without breaking.

— She’s relaxed during grooming — much better than Tucker — even when Steve sands her nails with the little Dremel.

— When we ask her to “Dress” (putting on her halter and cape), she seems more eager to suit up and go than any of her predecessors (some of whom slunk away.)  

She weighs 49 pounds now and still looks like a puppy. In another month or two, she’ll look like a dog. But she still regularly assumes goofy puppy postures, like this one on the stairs yesterday afternoon.

And an even bigger milestone I forgot to note is that in less than a year, she’ll turn in to the Oceanside center for her advanced graduation. (May 1, 2014 is the scheduled date.)

It seems like an eternity. Surely between now and then she’ll turn into a full-fledged superstar.

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