This is the hose bib on our patio:

The silvery part that sticks out on the upper left is a dog faucet. When we first acquired one, many years ago, for Tootsie, our chocolate lab, we thought it was an awesome invention. It freed us from having always to maintain a supply of fresh drinking water in a clean water bowl. Tootsie drank from it readily, as did Pearl. But most of our CCI puppies have spurned it. Until now.
I realized recently that Dionne has taught herself to drink from it. She’ll help herself when the water bowl is temporarily inaccessible, or the water level is low. 
Her favorite place to drink is still from the bowl, preferably with Tucker, whom she blithely bashes aside to make room for herself. Gentle soul that he is, Tucker tolerates this. Usually Dionne’s tail wags when she drinks, which I find ceaselessly charming. 

But I think being able to drink from the dog faucet whenever that suits her is a clear sign of superior intelligence.

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