Steve and I have learned over the years that puppies vary in the degree to which they’re affectionate. Yuli was a 10. She wanted nothing more than to worm her way as close as possible to the nearest human who might pet her, and then snuggle. She could be content, burrowed in like that, for hours.

Darby came next on what I might call the Snugglepup scale. Her craving for affection approached that of Yuli; maybe it was just a hair less blatant. We’re thrilled that she’s now the only dog of our dog-loving friends Joe and Kerri. They have a little girl, and judging from the Youtube video that Joe just posted, it appears that Kayla and her friends love Darby as much as Darby loves being loved.

Dionne is different; a bit more self-sufficient. She likes attention; likes being petted, and she’s happy to settle in for a nice cuddle, as seen here:

But after a minute or so, she’ll jump down and be off to see what other amusements might be at hand.


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