Last night Steve and I dined with our friends Howie and Donna at a new Russian restaurant in Golden Hill. We took Dionne with us, and although she of course was wearing her cape when we entered, I braced (as I always do) for some challenge to her presence. There was none. The charming hostess didn’t bat an eye when she directed us to our table. And Dionne’s behavior was exemplary. She settled into an Under and barely moved.

I was startled a while later, when the hostess appeared at our table with a large bowl of water and a huge dog biscuit. She squatted down and presented both to Dionne, who turned her attention to them with gusto. Later, the obviously dog-crazy hostess returned with yet another biscuit. Dionne got yet another when we departed.

Not a great shot; she was busy wolfing down the biscuit. Then she lapped up a bunch of the water. 

On the way home, Dionne confided to me that she’d heard something about being a service dog. But if THIS was they meant by service, we could count her in!

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