Steve and I returned from our big East African trip late Tuesday night, and Dionne returned from her adventures the next afternoon.

She had quite a time, spending about two weeks with the Makowskis and their release dog, Harrison, and then moving into the care of Cynthia Yankovich (shown with her here). Dionne seemed very happy to see Steve and me, if a bit puzzled by the absence of Tucker. (He’ll return from his vacation home tonight.)
We in turn were thrilled by Cynthia’s report of Dionne’s good behavior. She told us that she even took Dionne with her to a three-day meeting downtown, having her at her side for long hours in which Dionne patiently stayed in a Down position. “People didn’t even know she was there.” 
This amazed us. But since her return, Dionne does seem much calmer (and even lankier — she really looks like a gawky teenager now). Readjusting to life with her feels easy! What progress she’s made in these few months. 

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