Photograph courtesy of Ken Sergi
Dionne got her first (and probably only) chance to march with the puppy drill team in the awesome Coronado Independence Day parade yesterday. The crowds looked as thick as ever, and it turned out to be a warm and sunny day, so the experience was a challenge to puppy-concentration skills.  Overall, I felt she acquitted herself well (though toward the end, those Downs on the hot pavement got more and more grudging.) 

Photograph courtesy of Ken Sergi
Afterward, as we have for many years, the team adjourned to the home of CCI supporter Jeep Rice, where the pool is open to the pooches. I had been very curious to see if Dionne would leap in and join the wet and wild fun. She raced around the edges like mad and almost exploded with excitement.  But she never jumped in. That makes her our fourth CCI puppy who has not been a swimmer.  (Darby was the only exception.) 

The big thrill of the day came not from Dionne, however, but from our friend Alberto Lau, who is interested in creating a documentary about the process of raising a service dog. He acquired a Go Pro video camera, and along with his cinematographic partner, Bob Schneider, rigged up a harness to gather a dog’s-eye view of the parade.  Here’s Tucker in his videographer rig, which enthralled and amused many in the crowd: 
Hopefully, we’ll be able to share a snippet soon.  Watch this space! 

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