Seducing Tucker

It occurred to me yesterday that Dionne has succeeded at something that (to my memory) none of her predecessors accomplished. She’s learned how to suck Tucker into playing with her.

His appetite for such amusement is limited. But he at least tolerates it, and as I’ve been watching the two of them, it seems to me that he even enjoys it — for a while.

I recorded the following video yesterday. Note that she starts the session by bringing a toy up to him and trying to insert it in his mouth, in an attempt to entice him into playing with her. He makes lots of growly noises and bares his teeth, but knowing him as long and as well as I do, I’m confident he’s experiencing the interaction as play (in his own noisy way). In the end, when she’s parked herself on top of him, I urge him to get her, and he appears to chase her away. But they continued with more such play for quite a while longer.

With previous puppies — particularly Brando — Tucker wouldn’t tolerate this at all. If they tried anything of the sort, he would bark at them quite sternly and then slink away.

Why does he put up with it from Dionne? I haven’t a clue. Maybe she’s just been persistent and unfazed by his attempts to restrain her. (Sound familiar?)

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