I haven’t had a minute to write anything about Dionne because the week has been filled with house guests and the hours consumed by having fun with them. Dogs and puppies have spent an inordinate amount of time in their kennels. They concur: phooey on houseguests.

Unless they’re other dogs. And we’ve had one of those: Eva, who belongs to our good friends Leslie and Craig. Tucker sometimes stays at their house when we travel.  This past week, Leslie and Craig were traveling, so Eva came here.

When she’s visited in the past, Eva hasn’t been so sure about any of us (except Tucker, who’s her buddy.) But this time, she settled in immediately and seemed to like Dionne a lot. They spent hours (or so it felt) chasing each other, wrestling and growling and barking. Sometimes Eva looked a bit snarly, but Dionne was unabashed and almost always asked for more. Mostly, I saw wagging tails.

It looked a bit like this:

Sadly (for Dionne), Eva’s pack has returned, and she was carted back to Carlsbad this morning. Dionne is moping. With all the house guests — human and canine — gone, life is no fun at all.

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