It’s a good thing Steve’s going grocery shopping tomorrow. On the list is sponges.  LOTS of sponges.

In the past few weeks, Dionne’s latest trick has been to snatch them from around the side of the sink, where a sponge is invariably resting. Like this:

Note the frayed edges.  They’re not actually frayed but nibbled away by her. Every time we catch her, sponge-in-mouth, like this:

we of course take it away from her instantly. But she’s cunning (remember her Dognition profile!), and we think she’s actually eaten several of them (as unbelievable as that seems. Why would anyone want to do that? Because of the molecules of food entrapped within them?  The potpourri of kitchen flavors?)
The obvious solution/prevention is to keep the sponge well back from the counter edge, where she cannot reach it. But that requires re-training ourselves.  And we’re having trouble training a mere puppy!

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