When you’ve raised several CCI puppies, it’s hard to resist comparing them. Here’s another thing about Dionne that stands out: she’s been quite good about Dressing.

Dress is the command you give when you want your pup to come and stand so that its cape, halter, and leash can be put on. It signals that you’re going out together.

You’d think any dog would like that.  But at least a couple of our pups in training (Darby and Brando for sure) have slunk away when called to Dress. So far, in contrast, Dionne trots right up to get outfitted. She raises her snout to receive the halter.

We like that. It makes us feel she’s happy to work. Recently — maybe once in the past week — I did see her veer off when I called. I’m hoping that was an aberration.

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