Dionne has now been home from the CCI kennels for 10 days, and we’re increasingly feeling that her sojourn in Oceanside changed her in some fundamental way.

“I think they murdered her spirit, while she was up there,” I muttered today to Steve. She seems perfectly content to sleep near my desk for most of the day. She’s made the occasional play for a discarded shoe, and she’s swiped a few of the stones from the fireplace. But that incessant driving search for Trouble that was so much a part of her personality has faded. She hasn’t thrown up once or stolen one of the kitchen sponges. Out on the leash, her manners are impressive. We even think she’s lost interest in lunging at passing small dogs (though she still swivels her head to stare at them).

“Maybe she reflected on her life while she was up there,” Steve offered, theorizing that she had some kind of epiphany about how she needed to shape up or she’d never make it as a service dog.

Whatever it is, life with her now feels MUCH more relaxed (even if she does feel possessed…)

The new Dionne?

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