So it turns out that the answer to the question I posed the other day is no — Dionne’s recent stay in the CCI kennels did NOT, after all, cause a complete personality change.

We continue to find her calmer and better behaved. But in just the past two days, the old Dionne has been very much in evidence. On Friday, the sponge mysteriously disappeared from the kitchen sink, and this morning it became clear where at least part of it had been, namely making its way through Dionne’s digestive system. Steve finally persuaded me that it was be too gross to photograph and post the evidence of this. Nonetheless, in short order, she also went on to:

Run out in the backyard and stick her head into some mass of spider webs, many of which stuck to her. 

(A doggy bit of Halloween costuming?)
Steal a shoe from my closet…  
and take obvious delight in Keeping it Away from me:
Snatch the little Halloween witch off a table, eviscerate her,  
and strew her little plastic bead/guts all around the house. 
On a more positive note, when we took her to Movie Night on Friday, she bounded up those open-tread stairs without missing a beat — and without any need for smelly treats or other inducements. So I guess it’s one step backward but two forward.
(Or something like that.)

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