Do dogs have brains?

Our friend Devin Dunn and his buddies pose that question in an, um, offbeat fashion in their latest creation for The Parody Factory:

We were asking ourselves much the same thing this afternoon, when Dionne suddenly squatted down and peed a LAKE in the middle of our Oriental rug (something that hasn’t happened in at least a year).  And I’ve been telling everyone what a champion she is, at letting me know when she wants to/has go go out.

A little earlier, I heard a strange but subtle noise, looked down, and found that she had stolen YET ANOTHER sponge!  Her third in a week or so. I caught her in time to get some insight into her sponge-eating modus operandi: clearly, nibbling it around the edges. Sponge-eating obviously isn’t bothering her in the slightest. (A form of Doggy Metamucil?)  But Steve figures it’s costing us more than a buck a sponge, expensive for a dog treat.

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