There may be 50 shades of gray, but that’s not the case for black labradors. They all tend to be as black as black can be — a kind of ultimate standard for blackness. This can make it hard to tell them apart. Our friends’ black lab, Kenzie, is staying with us again for a few days, and as usual, we occasionally struggle to distinguish her from Dionne. Even though Kenzie’s nose is longer and she’s taller, one black lab looks an awful lot like another.

Still, Steve asserts that, according to one measure — her eye color — Dionne is blacker than all other black labs we’ve ever lived with.

Kenzie has beautiful golden-brown eyes. They remind me of topazes:

But Dionne’s eyes more closely resemble espresso: 
Put her in the shadows, and you can barely detect any brown at all. (During the Halloween season, she looks particularly stylish.)

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