Dionne gets a lot of exposure to movies. We almost always take her to our friend Alberto’s home on Friday evenings, for our weekly potluck/filmic gatherings. When the place is jammed, we banish her to the balcony, but other nights she curls up at my feet. Recently Steve and I also made it out to see Ender’s Game and Gravity in the theaters, and Dionne came along on those outings too.

Steve thought all the explosions in both films made it hard for her to sleep. He thinks she’d be happier if we went to quieter movies or, better still, dog movies. (The all-time best for that was Eight Below, to which we took Tucker when he was in training. We wound up spending much of that movie watching him stare, enraptured, at the big screen.)

Dionne doesn’t do that, but she’s getting better about staying Down and staying Quiet. She’s less inclined to snorfle around for stray popcorn kernels (though she did dart out and grab a nice one while executing a Side command for Steve Saturday night.)

Dionne says dogs don’t need no stinkin’ 3D glasses.
Just beyond this spot, on the tiled area near the snack counters, is where one CCI pup in our care casually threw up.  Taking puppies to the movies creates so many more movie-going memories than ordinary folks get.

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