A few final thoughts on our Las Vegas adventure. Part of the attraction for me of going was that Steve and I both believed it would be good for Dionne’s training. Now that we’re back at home, but I have to say it succeeded on that score. She got lots of practice doing things she doesn’t normally get to do: entering through strange doorways and flashy portals, riding elevators, passing weirdly dressed characters.

A few things she had never done before, like riding on a monorail…

…where she comported herself well.

The two of us enjoyed our long, long walks together.  For all the crass or bizarre or heartbreaking sights, you run into other things that are beautiful.

As we strolled by the Bellagio, the fountains began to dance as the ghost of Frank Sinatra sang, “Luck Be a Lady Tonight.” Somehow, that was wonderful.

What was never wonderful was the long schlep from our room to the dog run.

Here’s the view from the end of the hallway near the first set of elevators….

In this shot, Steve and Dionne are standing in front of our door.

Just looking at those makes me happy to be home.

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