Steve witnessed Dionne trying to push Tucker into the pool the other morning. That’s what it looked like, he says. She jumped up on Tucker and shoved; he was on the edge of the pool. He avoided going in, but she attacks him a lot. You’d think he would be happy at those times when she’s gone out.

Nonetheless, this is what he looked like when Steve took Dionne out Friday one one of his rare sorties into a mall. Sad!

Dionne, for her part, seems to have a limited appetite for the Christmas hustle and bustle. There are interesting sights to see….

And lots of folks eager to shake her paw….

Still, much of shopping can be a bore.

She always seems happy to get back home.  And Tucker invariably prances up to her, wagging his tail vigorously. Proof that there’s no accounting for some dogs’ (and puppy-raisers’) taste.

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