The tree’s still standing. We won’t have time to take it down until next week, but it seems pretty clear it will live out its days without being knocked over by Dionne. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t cause for any… unfortunate incidents. I’ll confess now what I was too horrified to admit before: Steve and I think there’s a possibility she ate one of the ornaments. About two weeks ago we found the hanger and tiny shards of glass under the dining table. We couldn’t believe she would actually chew and swallow glass. But we never found the rest of whatever it was. For days we anxiously watched her and her droppings in the yard, but we never saw any signs of blood or debility (or sparkly dog feces). If she DID eat the ornament, it doesn’t seem to have hurt her. We doubt that she buried it, but it’s a possibility…

Also on the list of taboo munchies — normally — are rawhide chews. But for years Tucker has gotten a little stash of goodies on Christmas morning that includes at least one item of that sort. This year I forewent the actual pig’s ears that are so dear to his heart. But I couldn’t resist buying at least one rawhide chip for him and Dionne.

This annual treat makes Tucker so happy that for 20-30 minutes, he just walks around with it in his mouth, wagging his tail.

Now THAT’s one happy dog!
Dionne seemed stunned by hers. But eventually, she sneaked away from us and hunkered down under the dining table for a good long chew that — for once! — was sanctioned at least by us.
It doesn’t seem to have done her any harm. (But then any puppy that can eat an ornament wouldn’t be fazed by a little scrap of rawhide.)

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